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The Darkness

It just started with a word

A day turned upside-down

With no reason to follow…

Where was up?

Where was down?

Just turn round and round?

I can only look on

Watch as they rain curses upon me

Seeth within with my own hatred for my weakness

And cry for the bitterness that came

I can’t ask for my own

Complain about the discomfort I felt

I just have to endure it all

Wait for them to finish and leave me alone

I’m just here, waiting for a change

A friend to hold me in an embrace

I was alone

I don’t have anyone else.

Still, I could only have enough

A day passed to witness me somewhere else

A place where darkness thrived

A place where no one else could be

A place I could deem safe enough to stay for now

I could hold myself tight, and let what else I held inside out;

Free myself from the bindings of this forced despair

And just watch as the night turned to day.

I could listen to the silence sing its own song

and feel the touch of this lightless night on my skin.

I have been what I know was ‘me’ in this place once,

In the embrace of the darkness they all feared.

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