In some random corner of the universe...

Howdy and welcome to Section 00 of my first ever creation!

You could call me Meka on this website, but, in some other places, I go by Lau and Yano. You can call me either of the three, that's totally up to you, since you'd probably never have the chance to talk to me here or wherever else I may be. (:

I come from the depths of the abyss or some otherworldly realm, pfft~ Jk, jk, I'm too stupid to have reached here from wherever I could've been from.

This should be the introduction for whatever I've left behind in the following sections as well as some warnings for what you may encounter. Of course, they're only stories. Nothing much else.

Other plans for this website would be a whole other set of sections related only to education and somesuch. The basics like arithmetics, grammar, and more although they'll be added much later... when I have the time and energy to spare.

Links to where I can possibly be found:

I may have more places but I doubt they're needed for now :3

Thoughts for today:

Oh, well. I'm this close to doing something I shouldn't.

But I wouldn't because I promised.

Also, I can't access Discord because a certain someone banned the site.

Also, this is the link to the main website -> Neocities.